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The Bell Tower

After numerous requests, we finally found someone to take us up in "the old bell tower".  It didn't take us long to understand why everyone was very hesitant to take us or anyone else up there.  There is virtually no lighting, the stairs themselves are very primitive, and we literally climbed thru what seemed like holes in walls to get up to the bell itself.  High above the bell is the old mechanical movement that at one time powered the clock.  The ladder to climb to that height is (in my best guess) approximately 20' and is made of angle iron which has rusted significantly over the years.  With only a flashlight, we scaled the old, rusty ladder to bring you photos of the old movement itself.  I must admit that the climb in the dark was a bit spooky, but there was absolutely "no way" we were going to get that far and not make it to the top.    For those who are wondering if the bell we all hear on the hour is real or not, I can assure you that it is indeed.  If you notice the time on the movement itself and also from the shadow of the hands on the back of the dials, we were there right on the hour.  Standing more than 20' over the top of the old bell that tolls every hour, the floor literally shook as it struck out each and every hour.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

The bell tower as viewed from the street.
Though difficult to see, the bell is over 

6' tall and probably 18' to 20' around.

A closer look.
A view from the ladder.
The movement that ran the old clock      
The drum to the right of the movement

is where the cable wound to hold the

weight that powered the old clock

Notice the time?
A photo from the back of the dial.

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