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The Bell Tower  !NEW!

Each month we will attempt to bring you something new and exciting in our tour area. Click the links above to tour unique and different sites, or you may proceed to the Down Town Tour Below.


Click on the picture of the building or its historical information plate to see a larger version. These links will open in a new window.

Construction of this Court House began in 1877 and the commissioners formerly took possession on July 23rd, 1879.  This court house was the third built in Hamilton County and brought many visitors to Hamilton County.  Famous visitors include Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1920.

Built in 1898, this 31,000 square foot facility was used to manufacture wagons and carriages.  Its store front is very unique featuring an overhead door, used as a passage for vehicles manufactured there with hub protectors still in place. 

The Becker House and in later years, The Grand Hotel was a place where people of "status" stayed.  Located just 1 block from the square and on what used to be known as old highway 37, this building accommodated many wealthy guests.  "Anyone who was anyone" stayed at the Grand Hotel since every room had its own individual fireplace. It is now home to the Noblesville Clock Company  at 996 Conner Street.( highway 32) in historical downtown Noblesville

Built in 1872, this is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Noblesville.  It was the original facility where J.G. Heylemann wagon and carriage works manufactured its goods.

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